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Our three-year COACTION program supports community-based organizations and partnerships that advance critical real estate and small business development projects. These projects lead to economic, health, education, and other quality of life improvements for residents within our five geographic focus areas: North Minneapolis, South Minneapolis, the East Side and Central Corridor neighborhoods of St. Paul, and the Blake Road Corridor in Hopkins.

COACTION grants are closely aligned with our other programmatic and project investments to assure the greatest possible human impact in Twin Cities neighborhoods. Grantees work on community driven, comprehensive, and collaborative efforts that create and maintain the physical environment, and expand small business opportunities.

The breadth and scale of these grantees' work reflects our unique approach to community development. From 2013 to 2015, our role is to provide them with technical and networking support, peer to peer learning opportunities, implementation funding, and to help them leverage additional support.

2013-2015 COACTION organizations and partnerships are:

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